Cheshire RAYNET is divided into three groups, imaginitively called West, Central and East ! Soon each group will have its own web section with local information, pictures of past events etc. So for now some of the links below are just place holders but watch this space ! The County also has a Technical Team ably led by 'Digger' G8DHQ which coordinates work in the numerous Emergency Centres around the county as well as maintaining some of our more major items of kit. The team ensures that members should be able to take their equipment to any emergency centre in the County and find a set of common connections to hook up to. One standard which has finally come of age is the CAIRO system for providing a harmonised audio interface to radio equipment, more information can be found in the CAIRO manual which is now available on-line courtesy of Dr Peter Best who has developed the system.

This section should really end with a mention ( and e-mail links ) for 'The Management' !

Our County Controller Bruce Williams

Mail links and contact details for other Controllers can be found in the County Event List.

Not content with just playing radio on events we also take some pictures as well, click on the links below to see some of our past events.....

Links to other RAYNET members sites.

Learn about Pager decoding software with Pete Baston

Mike Tyrrell's Pages.

Dave Digby's ( aka Digger ) home page

Or there's always Paul Mann's Homepage.

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